How Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a one-woman show. You and you alone carry the weight and the responsibility of physically supporting a growing baby, so it doesn’t hurt to have a little help along the way. Many women are turning to chiropractic care to make both their pregnancy and delivery experience easier. 

Our team of chiropractic care experts at Elite Physical Medicine comes alongside you during your pregnancy and gives you the care you need and deserve as your body changes. Here are just a few of the ways chiropractic care can support you throughout your pregnancy.

Improved posture

Your body changes significantly during pregnancy to adapt to your growing baby. These physical and hormonal changes have a huge impact on your posture, especially as your baby grows and throws off your center of gravity. Getting manual manipulations can effectively restore your body to correct alignment. 

Labor preparation

Your skeleton plays a large role in whether or not you have a smooth delivery. If during pregnancy, your pelvis has been thrown out of alignment, our chiropractors can correct it, to make way for an easier, and often shorter, delivery. 

Improved comfort

From morning sickness to swollen ankles, pregnancy comes with plenty of uncomfortable side effects, and body aches and pains are among the most common. In fact, 50% of women report back pain during pregnancy. 

One of the things pregnant women find most attractive about chiropractic care is its ability to relieve their pain. With your skeleton in proper alignment, your muscles and joints don’t have to work as hard to hold the extra weight, which helps you feel less pain in your back, neck, and hips. It’s so effective that 75% of pregnant women report significant pain relief after getting chiropractic adjustments.

Bonus: you may even notice less nauseousness during your pregnancy after getting adjustments. 

Increased womb space

You’re not the only one who feels the impact of alignment issues. If your pelvis isn’t in the correct position, it can make it hard for your baby to move into the best position for delivery. Chiropractic adjustments increase the amount of womb space available and may help avoid delivery complications.

More on our chiropractic care

Our chiropractors are highly trained and have years of experience performing adjustments safely. We meet with you to discuss your health history and your pregnancy to make sure that you’re a good candidate for prenatal chiropractic care. If you’ve had any complications during your pregnancy, such as vaginal bleeding, placenta previa, ectopic pregnancy, or toxemia, chiropractic adjustments might not be right for you. 

During your session, we make sure that you’re completely comfortable and relaxed before we start. If it’s your first time, you might be slightly surprised by the sound of your bones sliding back into position, but rest assured that it’s normal and not harmful to you or your baby. 

We work safely to deliver only the adjustments you need without causing any pain or discomfort and take the time to discuss your results and responses to treatment, making adjustments to your care if needed.

If you’d like more information, call our friendly staff or request an appointment online at either our Mason, Ohio, or Lawrenceburg, Indiana, offices. 

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