Can Chiropractic Treatment Help My Muscle Spasms?

Can Chiropractic Treatment Help My Muscle Spasms?

Most people have experienced at least one muscle spasm in their lifetime — they can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any age. But some people tend to be more prone to these sudden episodes than others, and they can be severely painful. While there’s no quick fix for chronic muscle spasms, chiropractic care can resolve some of the problems that lead to spasms and reduce the intensity and frequency.

If you live in or around Mason, Ohio, or Lawrenceville, Indiana, we encourage you to come see our team at Elite Physical Medicine. We understand the frustration of living with frequent muscle spasms, and we can ease your pain with advanced chiropractic care. Here’s what you need to know.

Understanding muscle spasms

Often called muscle cramps, muscle spasms occur when your muscles contract involuntarily and refuse to relax. It can happen in any of your muscles, but the most common targets are in your legs, hands, feet, tummy, and back.

Most muscle spasms are minor and only cause an occasional twitch or a brief bout of pain and then a release. These typically subside in a few minutes. But more severe spasms can cause intense pain and last much longer. Often, the spastic muscle feels hard to the touch and may even appear distorted. 

Cramps in the legs and feet usually relax when you get up and walk around, although they may get worse before they get better. Rubbing the muscle, gently stretching it, and applying ice and heat often work as well. But the right treatment depends on the root cause, especially if you get muscle spasms often.

What causes muscle spasms?

The reason muscle spasms are so common is that there are so many different causes. You may get a spasm if you:

A minor spasm now and then is not a medical concern, but if you get muscle spasms frequently and they disrupt your life, it’s time to seek chiropractic care to get it under control.

What chiropractic care can do for your muscle spasms

At Elite Physical Medicine, we believe in tapping into your body’s own resources to heal itself whenever possible, and chiropractic treatments fit the bill. Our experienced chiropractors address the underlying cause of your chronic cramps and use evidence-based techniques to relieve your symptoms. 

For muscle spasms, we may recommend a combination of several modalities to realign your body and relax your muscles, including:

Often, muscle spasms are symptoms of a primary health condition, such as a herniated disc that’s compressing a nerve nerve, a disc injury that’s damaged a nerve, or a joint sprain in the neck or back. Our chiropractors can often relieve your muscle spasm by alleviating the pressure on your nerves and freeing them up so they stop sending pain signals and stop contracting your muscles.

We can also give you sound nutritional advice and help you learn to exercise properly to avoid muscle spasms in the future, including making sure your muscles are balanced on both sides of your body (imbalanced muscles is another common cause of spasms). 

There’s no reason to suffer through chronic cramping. Schedule an appointment at Elite Physical Medicine online today or call either office today. 

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